WebRTC Weekly Issue #327 - May 13, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Cisco Webex Hosted 20 Billion Meeting Minutes in April (UC Today)
It gets to numbers that are hard to fathom for many of the dominant players these days.

More Than 40 Billion Minutes of Live Interactive Video and Voice Content Streamed Monthly on Agora.io’s Network in Q1 (Agora.io)
Another high usage number. This time from Agora.

Elon Musk: Video conferencing is ‘definitely’ coming to Tesla vehicles (TechCrunch)
With WebRTC and Chromium?


Octoverse spotlight: An analysis of developer productivity, work cadence, and collaboration in the early days of COVID-19 (The GitHub Blog)
Ctrl+F Jitsi

Building a Multi-Camera Media Server for AI Processing on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform (NVIDIA Developer)
I bump into NVIDIA’s Jetson platform more and more these days in IOT use cases for WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

New ways Google Duo helps make time together more special (Google The Keyword)
Whiteboard, AR, group video layouts, web browser support.

MediaPlatform and Peer5 Partner to Provide High Scalability Live Webcasting via WebRTC (Press release)
Offloading CDNs becomes more important these days.


Dolby introduces Dolby.io, a new media and interactivity platform for developers (Dolby.io)
A new CPaaS platform with an interesting differentiation angle in the audio quality space.

WebRTC VP8 Codec, Data Channel and 4K 60FPS Supports unleashed in Ant Media Server 2.0 (Ant Media)
Ant Media comes up with v2 of their media server.

OpenVidu 2.14.0 (OpenVidu)
Lots of improvements in this release, including a complete frontend rewrite/overhaul.

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