WebRTC Weekly Issue #324 - April 22, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Four new Google Duo features to help you stay connected (Google)
Google will start using AV1 video codec support for Duo on Android.

Verizon is buying B2B videoconferencing firm BlueJeans (TechCrunch)
Kudos to the team at BlueJeans!

Houseparty reports 50M sign-ups in past month amid COVID-19 lockdowns (TechCrunch)
More than 1M a day.

Hackers Are Selling a Critical Zoom Zero-Day Exploit for $500,000 (Vice)
That what happens if you pick an open source library (lets say… WebRTC?) and forget to upgrade it in a timely fashion (6 years).

Sangoma is Offering Sangoma Meet Video Conferencing Service – Early Access and Free Right Now for Anyone to Us (Sangoma)
Somehow, video calling is free for all. And people ask how to make money out of WebRTC…


Jitsi Meet on Docker default passwords – how bad is it, how to detect and fix it (Communication Breakdown)
Read this if you’re installing your own Jitsi servers.

Open Source Cloud Gaming with WebRTC (webrtcHacks)
Great project – check it out.

Hacking The Peloton Bike To Play A Cycling Video Game (Cezar Babin)
Another game built with the help of PION.

Adding Metadata to media frames via Insertable Streams API for WebRTC (Medooze)
Another use case for Insertable Streams.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WhatsApp will soon support group calls with up to 8 people (TheNextWeb)
There are also talks around Messenger doing standalone video calls.

This Video Conferencing App Is Purpose-Built for Lawyers, and It’s Free (LawSites)
A lawyers focused video calling service built using WebRTC.

Around, a refreshingly new approach to #webrtc Calls and Meetings (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Around turns to CoSMo for Windows native development using Electron.

Online Town solves the most annoying thing about Zoom parties (Mashable)
An interesting concept. The 8bit/2D version of a future metaverse?


Announcing: Browser-Based Live Streaming Powered by WebRTC (Wowza)
Wowza officially adds WebRTC streaming to its cloud service.

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