WebRTC Weekly Issue #32 - September 10, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


What’s a WebRTC Application? (nojitter.com)
Dave Michels explores the definition of a “WebRTC application” – not an easy task.

Will WebRTC video conferencing finally make video easy? (searchunifiedcommunications.techtarget.com)
Jessica Scarpati explains how friction reduction in WebRTC should increase video conferencing adoption rates.

Do it yourself WebRTC versus cloud hosting (xirsys.com)
I tend to agree. For most, NAT as a service instead of DIY should be the way to go.

Deutsche Telekom Taking a Stab at WebRTC: An Interview with Joachim Stegmann (blog.uppersideconferences.com)
A window to the thought processes in Deutsche Telekom in WebRTC. An interesting read.


Using Native WebRTC simulcast support in Chrome (or how to be as good as Hangouts) (rtcbits.blogspot.com)
Gustavo García offers a few steps for improving simulcast by reverse engineering Hangouts now that it uses “native” WebRTC. Would be nice if Gustavo would update us all once he continues down this path if investigation.

WebRTC chat with React.js (blog.mgechev.com)
Minko Gechev explains how to use Node.js, React.js and WebRTC to build a chat application.

FreeSWITCH to Implement Video Transcoding – Sponsors Needed (freeswitch.org)
FreeSwitch is looking for sponsors (and developers) to assist in the implementation of video transcoding capabilities.

Introducing Otalk, an easy and open way to build collaboration apps (blog.andyet.com)
&yet introducing an open source WebRTC platform: Otalk.

WebRTC Data Channels vs WebSockets (tokbox.com)
A good review of where Data Channels are useful and where WebSockets might be the better choice.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How WebRTC Could Disrupt the Hospitality Industry (nojitter.com)
Chad Hart goes on a thought process of what WebRTC means to Airbnb and the hospitality industry.


Firefox 33 beta arrives with WebRTC audio and video calling, sending video to Chromecast and Roku from Android (thenextweb.com)
Firefox’s own WebRTC video calling service gets embedded into its 33 beta release. Mozilla Hangouts anyone? BTW – TokBox is providing the infrastructure.

Professional Network Solaborate Launched App for Windows 8.1 (socialpositives.com)
Solaborate wraps its service as a Windows 8.1 app – I think it’s a first for something running WebRTC.

Unify CMO Bill Hurley Talks Ansible, Transformation (nojitter.com)
Unify plans to GA its Ansible platform next month. There are a few tidbits in there about WebRTC, customer expectations and realities.

Releasing the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer 8-11 (tokbox.com)
OpenTok now has a plugin also for IE 8 & 9. Note to self: when selecting a vendor with an IE plugin, check which IE versions are supported.

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