WebRTC Weekly Issue #309 - January 8, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC Development (sponsored):
Contact WebRTC.ventures to build your live video application!

WebRTC connection issues – Coviu now has a bot for that (Coviu)
Deflecting WebRTC common complaints to self service. Makes sense.


Supercharge Your Qualitative Research Toolbox with Video Surveys Using Pipe Video Recorder and Qualtrics (Pipe)
An interesting (and obvious) integration between video recording and questionnaires.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Lenovo is bringing smart displays to the office with a Microsoft Teams device (TechCrunch)
Is this running Windows, Linux or Android? Who cares? It probably operates using WebRTC to get Microsoft Teams to work.

ESSEC business school embraces real-time distance learning with weConnect (Barco)
These reversed webinar-style experience for the lecturer is interesting.


Announcing: WebRTC Support in Wowza Streaming Cloud (Wowza)
Wowza Streaming Cloud now adds support for WebRTC broadcasters.

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