WebRTC Weekly Issue #302 - November 20, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Google is rolling out RCS, text-messaging on steroids, in the US (TheNextWeb)
The question is how and not if carriers and handset vendors will screw this one up.

8×8 Offers Free Video Conferencing (VoIP Watch)
On the new video meetings by 8×8.


PSA: WebRTC M79 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Changes to stats and addition of enterprise policy controls for mDNS.

Adding Audio & Video Recording to Your Squarespace Website (AddPipe)
We need more of these – integration with website builders.

IP Camera Live Streaming: Connecting RTSP to WebRTC (Red5 Pro)
Red5 Pro explains their Restreamer Plugin.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Messaging app Wire confirms $8.2M raise, responds to privacy concerns after moving holding company to the US (TechCrunch)
Congrats and good luck to the team at Wire!

Yodel.io is a digital receptionist for SMBs taking calls (TechCrunch)
Got another $1M in pre-seed funding.

Free Baby Monitoring System with ML for Safe Activity Transmission (Netguru)
Makes use of WebRTC.


WebSocket introduction (Voximplant)
Voximplant adds WebSocket transport for media to better integrate with cloud AI.

Introducing the Newly Revamped Agora.io Console (Agora.io)
Agora improves their backend dashboard for developers.

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