WebRTC Weekly Issue #300 - November 6, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Facebook is testing encrypted video and audio calls (Mashable)
When generic media doesn’t grok. Video and audio calls in messenger are encrypted (=WebRTC). The news here is the chat and not that it is encrypted, but rather that it is encrypted end-to-end.


Kurento as a WebRTC gateway for IP cameras (Kurento)
An important read if you’re dealing with IP cameras and WebRTC.

You Cannot Submit an Electron 6 (or 7) App to the Apple Store (David.dev)
This is unrelated to WebRTC, but affects WebRTC apps. This, along with the vulenrability found in Discord recently will put more focus on Electron in a bad way.

Episode 386: Building Low Latency Applications with WebRTC (SE-Radio)
This podcast was interesting to listen to, especially due to the native app focus of Tuple.

Build a Video Conferencing App Using Dolby Voxeet and Stream Chat (Stream)
Dolby Voxeet partnering with Stream.

Media/WebRTC/ReleaseNotes/71 (Mozilla)
Need to test your app without DTLS 1.0? Firefox 71 enables removing that preference, so test it now.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 95 (WebKit)
Unified plan in Safari.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Host Hangouts Meet meetings with up to 250 participants (G Suite)
50 was the new 25. Then due to Zoom, 100 became the new 50. Is 250 now the new 100?

Medialooks Helps Indico Systems Move Hardware Out Of Its Interview Rooms With MPlatform And WebRTC (press release)
Remote police interviews with WebRTC.

5 Reason Why WebRTC Streaming Is the Right Choice for Low Latency at Scale (Red5 Pro)
I wonder if a good alternative wiil emerge or is WebRTC the way to go for low latency broadcast in browsers.


Microsoft launches Chromium Edge release candidate, brings intranet search to phones (VentureBeat)
Just in time for Kranky Geek 🙂

Vonage Continues to Unify Communications with the Introduction of a Native Video Collaboration Solution for Vonage Business Cloud (press release)
Integrates TokBox into its UCaaS service as Vonage Meetings.

callstats.io Adds Metrics that Help Improve Contact Center Performance (callstats.io)
callstats.io continues with its focus with new contact center specific metrics.

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