WebRTC Weekly Issue #30 - August 27, 2014

It’s August and hope you’re enjoying your summer! Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


VoLTE and WebRTC – Believe it or Not, You’ll Use Both (realtimecommunicationsworld.com)
True, but WebRTC will be way more interesting.

What is WebRTC for Telcos? (blog.uppersideconferences.com)
Sebastian Schumann offers his “insider’s analysis” on how WebRTC is being accepted and regarded inside Telcos. An interesting read.


Is WebRTC private? (danielpocock.com)
Daniel Pocock explains the privacy mechanisms in WebRTC and where they can be improved.

Adding Web Calls to Truphone VoIP Platform (labs.truphone.com)
Giacomo Vacca  outlines the challenges Truphone had to deal with when developing findable.io.

Reconciliation draws closer for Skype-like chat on the Web (cnet.com)
Essentially, this reports on another milestone for the ORTC spec (call it WebRTC 1.1 if you want).

Use Cases and Customer Wins

A Startup Named ‘Rabbit’ Thinks That It Solved A Major Problem With Video-Chatting (businessinsider.com)
Rabbit is a new service of social video chatting. It just got some nice coverage on Business Insider.


Summer time I guess…

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