WebRTC Weekly Issue #3 - February 19, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


Why Video Won’t Kill the Audio Star (nojitter.com)
On how WebRTC truly shines in voice-only scenarios.

Apps with a Voice (nojitter.com)
The coin flips: how apps get voice enhancements instead of voice getting more “features”.

Decoding Apple’s VoIP, WebRTC, UC and VoLTE Strategy (disruptivewireless.blogspot.co.il)
Dean outlines his thoughts about Apple’s intents in everything VoIP – including WebRTC.

WebRTC Changes Everything (cio2cmo.com)
The evolution of the web and how it leads us to the next leap – WebRTC.


On Selecting a Signaling Protocol to Use in a WebRTC Enabled App (blog.enthinnai.com)
The various parameters that drive the decision of signaling for WebRTC (hint: it is all about the use case).

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Engaging the Nomad (nojitter.com)
A short review of CafeX’s platform and its potential in customer engagements.


A virtualized WebRTC gateway for T-Hrvatski Telekom (mavenir.com)
Mavenir announcing they’ve won a WebRTC gateway deal with this sub of Germany’s Deutsche Telecom and virtualized no less.

A combination of collaboration and messaging (open-xchange.com)
Open Xchange, a provider of web collaboration & productivity partners with a Netherlands telecom provider.

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