WebRTC Weekly Issue #292 - September 11, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


First long-distance heart surgery performed via robot (ZDNet)
I am not sure if this is WebRTC, but is our future in remote surgery through a web browser?


“Developer Feedback” session at TPAC 2019 (W3C)
Join if you have feedback on WebRTC’s APIs.

How Zoom’s web client avoids using WebRTC (DataChannel Update) (webrtcHacks)
Still not using SRTP in WebRTC, but makes use of the data channel (STCP). Why not QUIC I ask?

Use Cases and Customer Wins

CenturyLink Acquires Video Delivery Innovator Streamroot (Press release)
Streamroot was one of the early P2P CDN options, pivotted towards multi CDN delivery.

Dialpad Launches New UberConference AI Features (UC Today)
Comes also with video support.

How Casinos and Sportsbooks Can Go All-In with Live Video and Voice Content (agora.io)
A good review of the WebRTC use cases in the casino space.


Change Log — 9.09.2019 (Discord)
Dynamically adapts screen sharing to the senders network.

New Features: Viewer Mouse and Viewer Registration (Screenleap)
Now enables sharing a viewer’s mouse in a screen sharing session.

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