WebRTC Weekly Issue #290 - August 28, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


How Mozilla is crowdsourcing speech to diversify voice recognition (TheNextWeb)
Go share your voice. I just did. And ask for Hebrew please – they don’t have it there yet.

The abysmal state of interoperability for the m-section of SDP (W3C WebRTC mailinglist)
This makes for an interesting read, along with the responses.


WebRTC.ventures re-launches the WebRTC Standards webinar series (press release)
Glad to see the continuation of WebRTC Standards.

Everything You Need To Know About Socket.IO (Ably)
If you’re using Socket.io or WebSocket, they you should probably read this.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Beam, the remote-controlled telepresence robot, gets acquired by Denmark’s Blue Ocean Robotics (TechCrunch)
This doesn’t look like a huge success for Beam.

Not just ‘FaceTime on wheels’: Telepresence robot can now avoid obstacles on its own (Mashable)
These moving robots now have some AI in them.

Updates to Hangouts Chat migration timelines (GSuite Updates)
Sad. Just kill it and let be done with it. I want to not need to search for the screen share button which changes places across releases of Hangouts and Meet.


callstats.io Introduces Call Quality Monitoring for Twilio Flex Contact Center Customers (callstats.io)
callstats competes with Twilio Insights over Flex customers.

In case you missed it: New tools for announcements, search, calls and more (Slack)
Drawing while sharing on Slack calls.

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