WebRTC Weekly Issue #283 - July 10, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


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Six ‘must-haves’ to fix broken Customer Journeys and Transform CX.

What Is WebRTC? The Developing Web Technology You Should Know About (OnSIP)
A nice review of WebRTC.

iOS 13 will fix the FaceTime eye contact problem (The Verge)
Most probably machine learning here.

China’s Alipay adds sought-after beauty filters to face-scan payments (TechCrunch)
Improving a person’s local video to improve his likelihood to pay…

This clever Chrome extension camouflages Netflix in a conference call
Another great use case for group video calling.


Building a JavaScript Hotline with OpenTok and Node.js (Nexmo)
First exmaple of Glitch that I’ve seen in one of these blogs.

PSA: Change to simulcast handling (discuss-webrtc)
Chrome M77 will allow configuring simulcast layers.

3CX WebMeeting’s Performance Ahead of the WebRTC Pack (3CX)
3CX benchmarks its server compared to open source alternatives.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

E-Sports and Low Latency (Red5 Pro)
Another niche where large scale low latency streaming changes the game.


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