WebRTC Weekly Issue #281 - June 26, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser now available on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (The Verge)
Funny how it took Google’s Chromium to get Microsoft to support its own older Windows releases for Edge.

U.S. video streaming app YouNow files cryptocurrency offering with SEC (Reuters)
Crypto is all over the place, and it is coming to communications in different shapes and sizes.


PSA: Standard getStats() Migration Guide – Please use the standard getStats() API in M76+ (discuss-webrtc)
Your next migration headache on our long route towards WebRTC 1.0.

Bring a dummy security camera to life, using a Raspberry Pi and WebRTC (balena)
rPi is becoming a popular camera WebRTC server recently.

Comparing testRTC and callstats.io – How They Fit Into the WebRTC Application Lifecycle (callstats.io)
They’re complementary 🙂

8 benefits of active monitoring in WebRTC (testRTC)
Reasons for delving into synthetic monitoring with WebRTC

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Open-Source Slack Alternative Mattermost Gets $50M (Rich Tehrani)
Interesting. They make use of WebRTC for the voice/video functionality.

MSG Networks Powers New Talk Show With Services From The Video Call Center (SVG)
Online weekly talkshow around sports done using WebRTC (a win for VCC)


Agora.io Enables Game Developers to Embed Live Video Chat as a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner (Press release)
Agora.io becomes an official Unity partner.

Google is killing YouTube’s “Hangouts on Air” this year (Ars Technica)
The opposite of a release. There are a lot of other alternatives these days.

Drum Web Meetings App for iOS devices (Drum)
Drum adds a mobile app for iOS.

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