WebRTC Weekly Issue #277 - May 29, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


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Discover WebRTC: The $21 Million Market (UC Today)
They probably meant billion, but who’s counting?

What WebRTC Couldn’t Do Then But Can Do Now: The Road to “Plugin-Less” (WebRTC.ventures)


Integrating Video Calling in Chat with WebRTC and PubNub (PubNub)
If you don’t want to host and manage your signaling servers, then here’s an alternative to look at.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Livekick raises $3M to use live video for one-on-one training (TechCrunch)
Remote training lessons seems to be a thing now.

Agora.io Partners with KENT CamEye to Power Live Streaming Car Security in India (Agora.io)
Interesting. I saw a similar solution in a taxi in Israel a few months back. Didn’t consider WebRTC as the technology for it.

American Well Telehealth App Now Available in Epic App Orchard (Press release)
“Join a video room in a patient context (using webRTC, iOS/Android and standards-based video end points)”


ATTACH Launches Managed WebRTC to Give Developers a Powerful Framework for Internet Video (press release)
Hard to say by their website if this is just P2P or also SFU based group calling. Probably just P2P.

Introducing the Transcoding Engine (Pipe)
Pipe adds more media processing in their cloud service.

Red5 Pro Mobile Release 5.6.0 (Red5 Pro)
Bug fixes release to its mobile SDKs.


None at the moment.

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