WebRTC Weekly Issue #270 - April 10, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Microsoft launches first Chromium Edge builds for Windows 10 (VentureBeat)
Chrome(ium) is conquering the world.

AOMedia Statement on Recent Announcement of Joint Patent Licensing Effort on AV1 (AOMedia)
Interesting. Sisvel is after VP9 and AV1 users with a new patent pool and the AOMedia guys won’t have any of it (at least for AV1). And if you missed it – Samsung is now also a board member at AOMedia.

More jails replace in-person visits with awful video chat products (Ars Technica)
Some of the things related to video calling (and WebRTC) aren’t always positive.

Skype now supports up to 50 group call participants, topping rivals (TechCrunch)
Topping rivals? Hangouts Meet is 50 already. And besides… who are the rivals exactly?


Perfect negotiation in WebRTC (Advancing WebRTC)
Only thing missing is for Chrome to implement it…

New WebKit Features in Safari 12.1 (WebKit)
Is Apple warming up its engines around Safari after some neglect or is it just a summary post on things going on?

Snapchat Style Filters with OpenTok & Tracking.js (Nexmo)
Filters and webcams in WebRTC.

What Are the Most Common Issues Using WebRTC in Contact Centers? (Callstats.io)
Yap. Seen my share of such issues as well.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

PubNub nabs $23M as its IaaS network hits 1.3T messages sent each month (TechCrunch)
From the sidelines of WebRTC, to those looking for managed signaling.


Announcing Twilio Client JS SDK 1.7 GA with Opus Codec Support and Codec Preference API (Twilio)
Twilio goes all in with Opus.

Kurento 6.10 – With Bionic support (Kurento)
A new release for Kurento.

Get Your Video Conferencing App Up & Running In Weeks, Not Months (WebRTC.ventures)
A new product/offering from WebRTC.ventures implementing group video calls.


Integrating testRTC into your testing environment (testRTC)
Tuesday, April 30, 14:00 EST

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