WebRTC Weekly Issue #264 - February 27, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


The Business Value of Voice Quality Using WebRTC (NoJitter)
Similar to the business value of media quality on any communications service.


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WebRTC M73 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Getting closer to WebRTC 1.0

PSA: Changes to iceConnectionState implementation (discuss-webrtc)
Expect things to break unexpectedly.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 76 (WebKit)
VP8 gets “unbroken” in Safari.

Build a Video Chat App with Multiple Members in StackView (Agora.io)
Another tutorial from Agora. This time for iOS12+Swift 5.

How to test network behavior in testRTC? (testRTC)
A webinar recording and techniques for testing WebRTC applications with varying network conditions.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Google Expected to Reveal Game Streaming Service at GDC in March (ExtremeTech)
So… Project Stream wasn’t a failed experiment, but rather a successful one (got a webinar lined up for this one)

QuizUp founder launches Teatime, a mobile gaming platform with built-in video chat (TechTarget)
My guess? It is based on WebRTC.

How to Build Telehealth Apps For Medicare and Medicaid using WebRTC (WebRTC.ventures)
A look at the core concepts of telehealth.


Nothing interesting this week.


Google Does Gaming: WebRTC Man-to-Machine Use Cases (BlogGeek.me)
Tuesday, March 12, 15:00 EST

WebRTC monitoring made simple (testRTC)
Wednesday, March 13, 15:00 EST

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