WebRTC Weekly Issue #263 - February 20, 2019

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Twilio Is Transitioning (VoIPWatch)
There are definitely interesting changes taking place at Twilio and how its target market is.


Streaming Protocols and Latency (Wowza)
A good roundup of the streaming protocols out there and how “real-time” they are.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Stories Behind SpotDJ (Yuki Li)
SpotDJ uses WebRTC’s data channel to broadcast sync events of a played song.

Slack off. Send videos instead with $11M-funded Loom (TechCrunch)
Screen recording tool. Uses of WebRTC.

How Live Video Broadcasting is Transforming the Fitness and Health Industries (Agora.io)
Fitness seems to have its own set of WebRTC specific use cases that are starting to crop up.

How to Develop Successfull Business Models for WebRTC Telehealth Apps (WebRTC.ventures)
This one is an important read if you’re in the telehealth space.

SightCall and B. Braun Digitize Home Hemodialysis Treatment with Live Video Support (SightCall)
While on the topic of telehealth, here’s a live service of hemodialysis from home.


Add real-time video to your Flutter apps using the Agora Flutter SDK (Agora.io)
Agora comes up with an official Flutter SDK for their platform.

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