WebRTC Weekly Issue #256 - December 26, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Google Duo reaches 1 billion downloads on the Play Store (Android Police)
I am more interested in monthly active users.

Why eyeson scales better than other video-conferencing providers (eyeson)
I find the notion of an MCU being a scalable solution versus an SFU to be somewhat quaint, so had to share.

Microsoft Edge Gets a Competitive Upgrade (NoJitter)
I promise this is the last Edge going Chromium post for this year.


PSA: WebRTC M72 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Unified Plan and getDisplayMedia() now enabled by default.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 72 (WebKit)
New Safari release with some WebRTC fixes.

How VP9 delivers value for Twitch’s esports live streaming (Twitch)
The reason to go for VP9 and not HEVC is browser support. And here’s an interesting use case where it makes a lot of sense.

Publishing Custom Video Streams with the OpenTok API (Nexmo)
A bit of holiday spirit (and a way to push objects into your source video).

OpenVidu load testing: a systematic study of OpenVidu platform performance (OpenVidu)
A detailed view of what OpenVidu results and analysis of their load testing.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Gaming chat startup Discord raises $150M, surpassing $2B valuation (TechCrunch)
We had Discord talk about their WebRTC implementation at Kranky Geek (see here).


Red5 Pro Server Release 5.4.0 (Red5 Pro)
Added support for Edge.

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