WebRTC Weekly Issue #252 - November 28, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Live Broadcasting Tech & Trends in 2018  sponsored 
Explore the history of live broadcasting, and it’s current trends and opportunities in the industry.

Kranky Geek AI in RTC 2018 Event Review (Cogint.ai)
Chad gives a review of the AI part of our Kranky Geek event.

Vedantu Receives $11M in its New Series-B Funding (Vedantu)
Kudos for this funding round.


Rolling out Unified Plan support (Philipp Hancke)
A story from the trenches of switching from Plan B to Unified Plan with the ongoing changes rolling out to Chrome.

Screen Capture in Chrome 70 With getDisplayMedia() (Pipe)
A review of how to use the new getDisplayMedia API.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Facebook launches Watch Party for all, tests Live PiP commentating (TechCrunch)
One wonders. Does co-viewing makes use of WebRTC tech?

How to Host a Secure WebRTC Telehealth Application (WebRTC.ventures)
WebRTC.ventures dives into the security aspects of deploying WebRTC – in healthcare.


Nothing this week.

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