WebRTC Weekly Issue #246 - October 17, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Live Broadcasting Tech & Trends in 2018  sponsored 
Explore the history of live broadcasting, and it’s current trends and opportunities in the industry.



Product Manager @ MessageBird  job listing 
Calling experienced telco product managers who get excited about end-to-end ownership and leading through enablement at one of the world’s fastest growing cloud communications companies.

PSA: WebRTC M70 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Now with getDisplayMedia() under experimental flag.

Scalability in video-conferencing (Part 2) (Linagora Engineering)
A good review of some of the most popular media servers out there.

Libwebrtc is open source, how hard can it be (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Depends what you’re trying to do with it and what the alternative is.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Listen to the art — a story about making art visible to people that can’t see (Qunabu)
An interesting app based on WebRTC that allows the visually impaired to enjoy art exhibitions.

Announcing Doorbell Chime Announcements and 2-Way Communication APIs, Unlocking New Customer Scenarios in Home Automation and Monitoring (Amazon Alexa)
The new 2-ways doorbell cooms API for the Echo devices? It is WebRTC based.

Rakuten Communications Launches Connect Live Video Conferencing Service Powered by CafeX (Press release)
Video calling for e-commerce.


Checkout the new HELLO2:  sponsored 
The World’s Most Powerful End-to-End Encrypted Communication Device including a 4K Touch-Screen TV and an Open-Platform for Creators build on WebRTC

LiveSwitch can now Broadcast Data Channels over SFU and MCU (Frozen Mountain)
For those who need “shared” data channels this one makes sense.

Plivo Browser SDK Adds Support for Multiple Incoming calls (Plivo)
You can now switch between active calls using Plivo.

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