WebRTC Weekly Issue #244 - October 3, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Kranky Geek SF 2018 is coming up. Save the date: November 16


Alibaba Cloud Joins the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia)
Blink and you’ll miss it. AOMedia now has 39 members.

Tropo Winding Down Operations (Tropo)
That was quite a price Cisco paid for an acqui-hire and pissing off existing customers.

Conference Recap: RTC Conference 2018, Beijing (WebRTC.ventures)
A good overview of the Beijing RTC conference.


WebRTC vs. Zoom – A Simple Congestion Test (Jitsi)
A kind of an eye opener.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 66 (WebKit)
Experimental support for unified plan comes to Safari.

In-app browsers, I forgive thee not (Lee Martin)
In-app browsers aren’t discussed much in the context of WebRTC but they should.

Messenger was not forced to wiretap but… (webrtcHacks)
Hmm. Time to refresh the mobile app maybe?

Introducing dav1d: a new AV1 decoder (JB Kempf)
We mentioned AOMedia, so why not dav1d? A new initiative for an open source AV1 decoder.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Pushing the limits of streaming technology (Google)
Low latency streaming to a Chrome browser. One wonders what tech is used there…

NICE inContact Announces Support for Routing Omnichannel Interactions Natively in Salesforce Live Agent (Press release)
Also releases an integrated and a standalone WebRTC based softphone.

September 2018: New Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech SDK available (Microsoft Azure)
It uses getUserMedia to tap into the mic in the browser.


Agora.io SDK version 2.3 has arrived: sponsored
Agora.io SDK version 2.3: AV Fallback, background images, and more in this release!

New video explains geographical cascading (Jitsi)
Jitsi adds cascading.

OpenVidu 2.5.0: Voice and video filters (OpenVido)
OpenVidu’s latest release adds media filters.

We’re Launching 3 New Critical Collaboration Functions in Voxeet (Voxeet)
Voxeet adds sharing of screen, file and video.

Tokyo, China, India and More (Xirsys)
Xirsys expands to Asia with their managed TURN service.

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