WebRTC Weekly Issue #235 - August 1, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Announcing our new partnership with Slack (Atlassian)
Jitsi saying all is as it used to be for them, but not much more.

Announcing New Simplified Pricing for Programmable Video and SLA for Group Rooms (Twilio)
Twilio moving away a bit from bandwidth based pricing to per minute pricing for Programmable Video.


Inserting an External Video Stream into a Live Broadcast sponsored
Learn about how to integrate external video directly into a live broadcast

A playground for Simulcast without an SFU (webrtcHacks)
This is an interesting technique to fool around with simulcast without building an SFU first.

PSA: RTCRtpTransceiver shipping in M69 behind sdpSemantics:’unified-plan’ (discuss-webrtc)
More chunks of unified plan in Chrome are being shipped.

SimpleWebRTC: Under the hood (&yet)
Some of the changes taking place in SimpleWebRTC codebase.

What is WebRTC and How to Avoid its 3 Deadliest Pitfalls (Mindk)
Your WebRTC 101 for this week.

Which Multi-Party WebRTC Option Should You Go With? (WebRTC.ventures)
Mesh, MCU or SFU – Hector sums up the recent series of posts he wrote.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Making live online gaming a reality (Inside Asia Gaming)
The future of live is WebRTC.


Group Calling for Voice and Video Is Here (Whatsapp)

The Next-Generation WebRTC Platform Has Arrived: And Now it’s Even Easier to Deploy (Voxeet)
Voxeet is now officially released.

Look out — it’s Riot.im 0.16! Composer! Jitsi! Replies! (Riot)
Jitsi now integrated with Riot.

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