WebRTC Weekly Issue #231 - July 4, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


How Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Company (TeamViewer)
A good overview of AR in the enterprise.

Enterprises embracing Video Calling to drive customer service innovation (Sinch)
Check out this new whitepaper by Sinch.


Inserting an External Video Stream into a Live Broadcast sponsored
Learn about how to integrate external video directly into a live broadcast

WebRTC M68 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Unified plan behind a testing flag, simulcast for screensharing and lots of other features and modifications in this release.

New Tool for Debugging WebRTC (Advancing WebRTC)
Firefox gets its own tool for debugging WebRTC in the form of a dev tool plugin.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 60 (Webkit)
3 browsers. 1 week.

Learn how to Live Stream and Record on your Jitsi Meet Install (Jitsi)
Jitsi continues with its super useful recordings of how to use Jitsi. This time around live streaming and recording.

Make and receive phone calls in Android apps with Nexmo In-App Voice and Firebase (Nexmo)
Step by step guide to handling phone calls with Nexmo’s Stitch Android SDK.

How to Bring Flexibility to ICE: Snowflake (callstats.io)
A look at Snowflake, an addition to ICE focused on reducing the time it takes devices to connect to each other.

Using WebAudioRecorder.js to Record MP3, Vorbis and WAV Audio on Your Website (AddPipe)
If all you want to do is record audio then this might be for you.

A Quiet Place (Lee Martin)
Check out this demo making use of GetUserMedia.

Multi-Party WebRTC Option 1: Mesh (WebRTC.ventures)
Going basics on multiparty. This time mesh. I wonder if the next one is mixed or routed.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Where WebRTC and the IoT Meet (Industrial IOT)
A collection of use cases where IoT can make use of WebRTC tech.

Chrome Compatible Telemedicine Stethoscope API in Beta (Press release)
Use the WebRTC voice channel to send stethoscope data.

Nuon brings their customer service to the next level (24sessions)
Nuon uses 24sessions to provide video based customer support.


Wowza Announces Availability of Ultra Low Latency Streaming (Press release)
Wowza officially announces support for low latency streaming using WebRTC.

Red5 Pro Release 5.0.0 (Red5 Pro)
Now with VP8 transcoding.

Unveiling Home, the brand new homepage for callstats.io (callstats.io)
callstats.io revamps its main dashboard.

OpenVidu 2.2.0: TURN made easy (OpenVidu)
OpenVidu takes care of the basics, with better TURN configuration and management.

Why GuruMD opted to build their Telemedicine Video Conferencing App (Frozen Mountain)
GuruMD goes for Frozen Mountain’s IceLink SDK.

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