WebRTC Weekly Issue #223 - May 9, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Instagram and WhatsApp are both getting group video calls soon (TheNextWeb)
Me wonders if Facebook will use the same group video tech in Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Autoplay restrictions and WebRTC (Dag-Inge Aas) (webrtcHacks)
A good overview about the autoplay issues in Chrome 66 and what you can do about them in your app.

Bringing Screen Capture to Microsoft Edge with the Media Capture API (Windows Blogs)
Edge adds support for the new Screen Capture APIs.

WebRTC + TensorFlow Lite + Android (Silver Lining)
There seem to be positive interest lately in exploring the use of TensorFlow with WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Badoo adds Live Video chat to its dating apps (TechCrunch)
What took them so long? 🙂

A Comprehensive Explanation of WebRTC Use Cases (callstats.io)
A look at the basic building blocks that comprise WebRTC use cases.

Microsoft announces Remote Assist and Layout mixed reality apps (Mashable)
I don’t think this is WebRTC-based, but I do know a few vendors working on similar solutions (using WebRTC).

Learning WebRTC peer-to-peer communication, part 1 (Swizec Teller)
The obligatory 101 post of the week.


Agora.io SDK version 2.1.1 has arrived: sponsored
What’s cool in this release: you can now create fun audio effect, choose a custom video source, get crystal clear in-game voice through the new Gaming audio profile

iOS Swift VideoChat WebRTC sample is released (Quickblox)
Quickblox now has an iOS Swift sample for its service.

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