WebRTC Weekly Issue #221 - April 25, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


The MPEG machine is ready to start (again) (Leonardo Chiariglione)
MPEG-LA is working on the next video codec in a fight against AV1. The last sentence says it all: “Of course this will only happen if mindless industry elements will not blow the opportunity again.”

Flash Used on 5% of All Websites, Down From 28.5% Seven Years Ago (Bleeping Computer)
Flash is dead for all intent and purpose.


When a Chrome update breaks… your microphone volume display (Philipp Hancke)
Oops. Autoplay behavior changes affects WebRTC.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 54 (WebKit)
Bug fixes mostly.

Streaming live to YouTube via WebRTC with Firefox (Meetecho)
More like streaming from WebRTC to YouTube using RTMP and Janus.

Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming: The Current State (Zender)
A nice overview low latency video streaming technologies today.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Coviu raises $1m of venture capital investment (Coviu)
Coviu raises some funding as it continues its focus on the healthcare sector.

Monster Messenger Shot Ahead of Their Competition by Adding Video Calling to their Social App (Voxeet)
Voxeet wins a customer through its Layer integration.

How to Leverage WebRTC Solutions into SIP Environments (Genesys)
Genesys explains how to deploy AudioCodes SBC to support WebRTC in its contact centers.

Case Study: Swiss Bank Brings Virtual Consultancy to Wealth Management (Veeting Rooms)
Veeting rooms wins a banking customer.


Agora.io SDK version 2.1.1 has arrived: sponsored
What’s cool in this release: you can now create fun audio effect, choose a custom video source, get crystal clear in-game voice through the new Gaming audio profile

Gruveo Gets a Major Update for Better Compatibility, New Features (Gruveo)
Adds direct Safari support and stops using the Temasys plugin.

We Implemented GDPR and Solidified a Promise of Data Protection (callstats.io)
callstats.io is now GDPR compliant.

Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v4.0 Release Announcement (Intel Developer Zone)
Intel comes out with the latest release of their media server for WebRTC.

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