WebRTC Weekly Issue #22 - July 2, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com

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The NSA is After My Grandmother Secret Lasagna Recipe (blog.audiocodes.com)
Yossi Zadah gets “best post of the week” for this Garfield interview. Now we’re just waiting to get him over on WebRTC and get that recipe.

My thoughts on Telco’s & WebRTC (blog.s-schumann.com)
Sebastian Schumann voices his thoughts on a post from Tsahi. He has some good points there.

Developers, Not Dial Tone (nojitter.com)
Billy Chia notes how WebRTC shouldn’t be linked to traditional telecom and VoIP.

Quick thoughts from WebRTC Expo last week (disruptivewireless.blogspot.com)
Dean Bubley with some interesting insights from WebRTC Expo.

Thoughts on WebRTC Conference & Expo and “Where Are All The Web Developers?” (onsip.com)
The missing audience is most WebRTC events today are web developers – the actual people we are trying to reach out to.


Thing I learned & discovered @WebRTCLive (gist.github.com)
Jose de Castro sums up some of the things he learned at our WebRTC event.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Google I/O 2014 – Making music mobile with the Web (youtube.com)
The WebRTC session at Google I/O showcased Soundtrap with a great story around it and the creation of the Google I/O theme live on stage, remotely and with the audience in the room. There are also slides and the resulting anthem.

Cisco Acquires WebRTC Smarts (lightreading.com)
Assemblage is a company that was mostly out of our radar. Sources say they were being sought after by multiple companies.


Hangouts in an instant: Video chat without downloading a plugin (plus.google.com)
Google Hangouts coming to Chrome without plugins (think WebRTC enabled). Huge news that was shared at our WebRTC event by the Google team.

Talky for iOS is now available on the App Store (blog.andyet.com)
Talky.io (a service I lean on these days) is growing up, with a new iOS app and thoughts of a future pro service (=paid).

Announcing the OpenTok Connectivity Doctor (tokbox.com)
TokBox is continuing with their features focused on usability. This time, a connectivity doctor to check the network.

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