WebRTC Weekly Issue #210 - February 7, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Our Speaker lineup (CommCon)
Dan Jenkins on the speakers lineup of CommCon 2018.

The interesting case of Lua in RTC world (Giacomo Vacca)
Giacomo on the use of Lua in comms – and now in Janus plugins.


Media/WebRTC/ReleaseNotes/59 (Mozilla)
Firefox 59 implements WebRTC Transceivers.

GStreamer has grown a WebRTC implementation (Nirbheek’s Rantings)
I’d say it’s about time 🙂

Broadcast live video chat sessions to YouTube (Vidyo.io)
How to connect a Vidyo.io session to YouTube.

How to run Protractor tests for a video conference web application (Walmyr Filho)
Walmyr explains how to get Chrome and Firefox fake media into Protractor.

3D Video Calling with Matrix, WebRTC and WebVR at FOSDEM 2018 (Matrix)
I liked the use of the iPhone X depth camera in there.

Using WebRTC for P2P: Should I Use an SDK? (Callstats.io)
If you ask me, use an SDK but make sure it is popular and up to date first.

Playing with RTCP REMB #WebRTC (Tribe)
A look at the mechanics of REMB (receiver side bandwidth estimation).

Learn How to Build a Video Conference App (and not die trying) (WebRTC.ventures)
A high level view of the things you’ll need to decide early on in your project.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Introducing: Caffeine (Ben Keighran)
A new social network for gamers with low latency broadcasting. This is becoming a crowded space.

Built with WebRTC: CarFinance 247 (Blacc Spot Media)
How CarFinance 247 uses WebRTC in its contact center.

Mirror raises $13 million for virtual fitness classes (TechCrunch)
Does this use WebRTC? Does it use CPaaS or self developed? One wonders.


MeshCentral2 – Now with WebRTC support (Intel)
WebRTC is now default in MeshCentral2. It makes use of the data channel to connect machines remotely.

New web sample apps for OpenTok in React, Angular 5 and Vue (TokBox)
TokBox adds samples for the most popular web frameworks.

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