WebRTC Weekly Issue #209 - January 31, 2018

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


A crisis, the causes and a solution (Leonardo Chiariglione)
A very interesting look at the current thought processes of MPEG-LA.

An Amazing 2017: What’s Next? (Mixer)
Mixer now has 10 million monthly active users.


A flexible layout container for multiparty video chat (TokBox)
This one’s really nice.

Down the MCU road with GStreamer #WebRTC (Tribe)
Deciding for an MCU over an SFU, using GStreamer AND self developing the RTP/RTCP layer. You need guts for this one.

Add screen sharing to your Twilio Video application (Twilio)
A step by step guide to adding screen sharing using Twilio’s Programmable Video.

How to build a Chat Roulette Clone Using Kotlin and TypeScript (WebRTC.ventures)
A tutorial explaining how to build a simple WebRTC app on Android.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 48 (WebKit)
A few WebRTC related bug fixes in the next Safari release.

Introducing PeerConnect (PeerConnect)
An interesting signaling project. Still at its infancy.

How to Create an Audio Oscillator With the Web Audio API (Envato Tuts+)
Not exactly WebRTC, but Web Audio is often used with WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Using Technology to Humanize a Digital World (Frozen Mountain)
How Soliya brings college aged students across continents closer together.

Status partners up with New Vector, fueling decentralised comms and the Matrix ecosystem (Matrix.org)
Matrix gets $5M of funding from Status.

Teladoc’s How to Guide on Monetizing Telehealth Powered by WebRTC (Blacc Spot Media)
It seems like every week we see at least one more healthcare vendor adopting WebRTC in one way or another.


1.25.2018 — Change Log (Discord)
Discord updates its Opus implementation to 1.2.

Introducing Sensei Connect – Screen Sharing for Gamers (Gamer Sensei)
Gamer Sensei adds screen sharing to its service.

Finally, a free and free IE Plugin that supports more of #Webrtc than some browsers (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
CoSMo announces their own WebRTC plugin.

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