WebRTC Weekly Issue #2 - February 12, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


Dialogic Survey (surveymonkey.com)
Dialogic’s “yearly” survey: 2014 WebRTC Impact Survey. Go fill it in!

The paradigm shift for RTC in mobile (blogs.aspect.com)
Tobias Goebel on the impact WebRTC has on mobile communications.

A new dawn for voice? (commsbusiness.co.uk)
The obligatory weekly overview of what WebRTC is. This time, by Chris Barley.


Going Native with WebRTC (blog.audiocodes.com)
An excellent explanantion on the challenges in adopting Opus as a voice codec and embedding it on a non-startphone device.

WebRTC Data Channels (html5rocks.com)
Dan Ristik provides an overview on what the data channels are and how to use their APIs.

Shared cursor (npmjs.org)
An implementation using the data channel to share a cursor across browsers.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

LiveOps using Twilio (twilio.com)
What happens when you want to order pizzas during the Super Bowl? You receive calls over WebRTC on LiveOps platform through Twilio of course.

Imo uses WebRTC (thenextweb.com)
Imo as a startup instant messaging vendor that decided to use WebRTC as part of his service.

MediSprout selects Weemo (weemo.com)
Another case where a telehealth SaaS vendor decides to pick up WebRTC as the technology for video communications, and does that via an API platform – in this case Weemo.


Opera 20 for Android (my.opera.com)
Opera for Android now adds WebRTC support, joining Chrome and Firefox for Android.

Janus – a general purpose WebRTC gateway (meetecho.com)
This is something I pitched over a year ago – building a gateway for WebRTC that doesn’t really care about signaling.

Google releases Chromebox (googleblog.blogspot.co.uk)
A video conferencing room system using Hangouts, based on Chrome OS at $999.

VidyoH2O (blog.vidyo.com)
Vidyo releases a gateway that connects Google Hangouts to traditional enterprise video conferencing. Next step WebRTC?

Voz.io (eureka-startups.com)
Voz.io launches their conact center and CRM solutions, which happen to use WebRTC.

Italtel (realwire.com)
Italtel launches a WebRTC platform called Embrace, which essentiall enables the creation of messaging and communication services.

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