WebRTC Weekly Issue #196 - November 1, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Facebook’s Workplace, now at 30,000 orgs, adds Chat desktop apps and group video chat (TechCrunch)
Who would have thought Cisco and Microsoft would end up competing with Facebook over enterprise communications…


Screen capture in Firefox (Twilio)
A much needed how to about screen capture.

Can You Hear Me Now?… A WebRTC Audio Demo (WebRTC.ventures)
How to make sure there’s audio in your session?

Use Cases and Customer Wins

BSM’s WebRTC Tech Assessment Enhances Quality for Stratus Video’s 80K+ Daily Calls (Blacc Spot Media) SPONSORED
Identifying key components and improvement areas within the Stratus Video platform improved overall call quality and resource utilization within the system. Learn how Blacc Spot Media’s team of experts can improve your system today.

Improving the Business of Distance Learning for OEP (Veeting)
Veeting Rooms case study on OEP.


Screen sharing in Slack, made interactive (Slack)
I probably should have asked Lynsey & Andrew last week if this uses the data channel.

The new Skype for desktop is here (Skype)
No words for me to say how much I dislike the new design.

The meeting room, by G Suite (Google)
Google refreshes its Chromebox and adds some additional features to Google Meet while at it.

New Mixer app beta for Android and iOS (Mixer)
Mixer improves its mobile apps.

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