WebRTC Weekly Issue #194 - October 18, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky GeekKranky Geek is heading to San Francisco – October 27. Join us there!



Future of Collaboration – How to elevate collaboration tools above the competition (Voxeet)
On the merits of integrating real time communications in collaboration apps.


ARKit and WebRTC
Both Twilio and TokBox released instructions on how to use their platforms to integrate with ARKit. AR and VR will be covered next week as well at the Kranky Geek event.

Capturing Voice Input in a Browser and Sending it to Amazon Lex (AWS)
This uses getUserMedia, which begs the question – is this enough of WebRTC to merit saying they use WebRTC? I think it is.

Google is releasing a WebRTC interoperability test system as open source project (discuss-webrtc)
An open source testing tool focusing on WebRTC browser interoperability.

Tutorial: writing a Janus video call plugin in Lua (Janus)
For those who prefer Lua over C.

Screen capture in Google Chrome (Twilio)
The detailed explanation we’ve all been waiting for.

How to add a video chat embed to your Wix website (TokBox)
With a TokBox Video Chat Embed of course.

Learn How to Build a Chat-Based Application with WebRTC & Websockets – Part I (WebRTC.ventures)
We didn’t have a 101 post here for quite some time.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

BSM’s WebRTC Tech Assessment Enhances Quality for Stratus Video’s 80K+ Daily Calls (Blacc Spot Media) SPONSORED
Identifying key components and improvement areas within the Stratus Video platform improved overall call quality and resource utilization within the system. Learn how Blacc Spot Media’s team of experts can improve your system today.

neXenio Selects Temasys to Power neXboard with WebRTC (Telecom Reseller)
neXenio, A collaboration company uses Temasys for its platform.


Facebook Live cuts out the middle man, adds its own screen-sharing feature (TheNextWeb)
Shockingly (not), Facebook Live screen sharing uses WebRTC.

Vidyo Releases VP9 Codec for Real-Time Video (NoJitter)
I believe this is (will be?) the first WebRTC/VP9 deployment of a commercial service.

Zoho Meeting meets WebRTC: Enhanced online meeting experience (Zoho)
Zoho adds a webinar/group video service to its line of products.

Making video calling easier on your Android phone (Google)
Google adds Duo support in built-in Android apps – a logical step to increase its use.

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