WebRTC Weekly Issue #192 - October 4, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

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Dialpad raises $17 million in follow-on round, adds Bill Maris’ Section 32 as new investor (VentureBeat)
It’s nice to see Dialpad’s growth – the numbers in this article are definitely interesting.

What is Click to Call? How Has Click to Call Evolved? (i-Comm Connect)
An overview of click-to-call solutions today and in the past.


PSA: WebRTC M62 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Official JCenter and CocoaPods packages for WebRTC in this release.

Media/WebRTC/ReleaseNotes/57 (MozillaWiki)
Mostly bug fixes in this release.

When your video freezes (Advancing WebRTC)
The thrill of interpreting SDP.

RNNoise: Learning Noise Suppression (xiph.org)
Besides the deep learning thingy, you can donate your noise to the cause – using WebRTC.

Multi-user experiences with A-Frame (Mozilla Hacks)
Connecting WebVR with WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Chrysmo: DIY with a WebRTC Twist (Blacc Spot Media) SPONSORED
Chrysmo allows homeowners to connect instantly with live experts and contractors revolutionizing the process for home improvement projects.

How Live Video is underwriting Insurtech Growth (TokBox)
A good overview of insurance technologies and live video.

Economically achieving TV scale with live online (nScreenMedia)
Akamai starting to use WebRTC as a P2P layer on top of their CDN.


Unlocking The Full Potential of Live Video with Safari 11 (TokBox)
TokBox officially adds Safari 11 support to OpenTok.

Red5 Pro 4.0.0 Release (Red5 Pro)
Red5 Pro comes out with a new version supporting WebRTC on Safari.

Jitsi Meet mobile now supports authentication (Jitsi)
Jitsi Meet adds user authentication support to its mobile apps.

Oracle to Launch Customer Engagement Cloud Service (NoJitter)
It seems that Oracle is back in the WebRTC game.

SDK Update: Twilio Programmable Video (callstats.io)
Callstats.io adds integration to Twilio Programmable Video JS library.

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