WebRTC Weekly Issue #19 - June 11, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com

Before we begin:

Kranky Geek WebRTC Show site is now live. Tickets have been sold out, but you might want to try the waiting list – there might be some last minute cancellations.

We have a twitter account for it: @webrtclive


Embracing boundaries (sethgodin.typepad.com)
Not exactly WebRTC, but explains what you should do instead of complaining about gaps in WebRTC.

The Geometry of Enterprise Communications (nojitter.com)
Triangle or Quadrangle architectures for communications? Eric Krapf brings some order to the rational behind each of these options.

Why not All WebRTC GWs Were Born Equal (blog.audiocodes.com)
While we are looking at network architectures, Amir Zmora explains the various options for WebRTC gateway deployments and their characteristics.

You’re in my browser (economist.com)
The WebRTC 101 obligatory post of the week. The interesting thing here isn’t the content, but the domain – this is The Economist.


Beez, WebRTC + Audio API (greweb.me)
Ga√ętan Renaudeau show cases an interesting experiment of using multiple smartphones as synthesizer controls. WebRTC’s data channel plays a role here to reduce latency.

How to remove video/audio tracks from MediaStream in WebRTC (blog.knoldus.com)
Rishi Khandelwal explains how to remove tracks from WebRTC media streams.

Configure turn server for WebRTC on Amazon EC2 (blog.knoldus.com)
Another useful explanation by Rishi Khandelwal. This time on setting up TURN servers for WebRTC on EC2.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

AT&T Uses Real Time Tech to Track Luggage (realtimecommnicationsworld.com)
Luggage tracking use case. This one has M2M and WebRTC in it, though for the life of me, I can’t understand why. My guess, is that this is an early demo that will look very differently if and when it hits the market.

What WebRTC Means for Telcos (lightreading.com)
Sarah Reedy gives an overview of some of the commercial services offered by telcos with WebRTC.

TADHack winners and presentations (blog.tadhack.com)
TAD stands for Telecom Application Developer. They just concluded their first TADHack, announcing the winners (1, 2, 3, 4) and presentations. Some interesting WebRTC related use cases there. Check out Tim Panton’s Fragment demo – he will also be speaking and coding in our Kranky Geek WebRTC Show later this month.


One-click video conversations without registration on iPhone (blog.appear.in)
Appear.in now has its own iPhone app. It seems that it is getting easier to get WebRTC to run on iOS lately.

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