WebRTC Weekly Issue #187 - August 30, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WhatsApp rolls out verified business accounts — and might have a whole new app in the works (Mashable)
This will be interesting once it rolls out properly.

How to have technical and coding interviews over Skype (Skype)
From the looks of it, it *should* run on Chrome in Linux as well. Didn’t work for me 🙁

Blacc Spot Media has a 3 year sales growth of 2019% thanks to WebRTC (Blacc Spot Media) SPONSORED
Blacc Spot Media’s success has revolved around creating innovative cloud communications and smart communications solutions powered by WebRTC for it’s clients around the world.


PSA: WebRTC M61 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Some nice improvements coming to video capture and audio playback mechanisms.

WebRTC and Asterisk 14 (Asterisk)
An explanation on the focus areas and modifications done to Asterisk to accommodate WebRTC.

Live Streaming Using WebRTC (XB Software)
A review of different techniques in WebRTC to implement live streaming scenarios.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

VideoBank uses vidyo.io to Replace Instant Messaging with Real-Time Video Messaging (Vidyo.io)
Vidyo.io used by VideoBank to embed RTC in their digital asset management platform.

Frozen Mountain Software and Xirsys Announce New STUN and TURN Server Hosting Options for IceLink 3 and LiveSwitch (Press release)
Xirsys expands its hosting options towards commercial on-premise products.

The Librem 5 from Purism: A Matrix Native Smartphone (Matrix)
Matrix picked as the native comms in Librem 5, a privacy focused Linuxed based smartphone.

Introducing Matrix Widgets – including Jitsi video conferencing (Matrix)
Matrix now has group video calling by integrating Jitsi.


Highfive Launches Join by Browser to Make Video Meetings Even Easier (Highfive)
Highfive now runs off Chrome 60 without any installation (WebRTC of course).

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