WebRTC Weekly Issue #179 - July 5, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Browser market share reports emphasize that Microsoft Edge just isn’t good enough for users (Neowin)
No one seems to be able to stop Chrome’s growth at the moment.

Hulu Joins The Alliance for Open Media (Hulu)
Yay. The more companies join the alliance, the better we will all be moving forward.

Gruveo Lands on the Editorial List of Top 5 Video Calling Apps in Google Play (Gruveo)


How do WebRTC Media Servers Behave on Packet Loss? (testRTC)
A look at behavior patterns of popular WebRTC media servers when packet loss is injected to the network.

Introducing HumbleNet: a cross-platform networking library that works in the browser (Mozilla Hacks)
A nice use of WebRTC as a communications/networking library.

WebRTC in Safari 11 and iOS 11 (WebRTC in WebKit)
If you’re interested in the timeline.

Speeding up crypto on Wire desktop apps (Wire)
If you’re thinking of a PC app, then this is a reason to do it – things that browsers can’t support but Electron can.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Level Up Village Adds Real-Time Video Chat to Global Communication Platform (Press release)
Another education related vendor adds video chat. Level Up Village is using TokBox for this.

Here’s Why eedoctors Chose Vidyo.io to Power their Telehealth App (Vidyo.io)
So many vendors out there heading towards healthcare services. This time, eedoctors from Switzerland, using Vidyo.io.


Telephony Support on meet.jit.si (Jitsi)
The Jitsi meet demo is looking like a real service with every passing day. Now adds telephony to it.

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