WebRTC Weekly Issue #174 - May 31, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


All Stories from SIGNAL 2017 (Twilio)
Lots and lots and lots of new stuff coming out of Twilio.

Moving Beyond Uber: Crafting a Comms API Future (NoJitter)
Mark Winther on Twilio’s announcement during their annual Signal event.

Third HEVC Patent Pool Launches With Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp & Sony (StreamingMediaBlog)
Go HEVC! Go! I guess they are trying damn hard there to make sure VP9 and AV1 wins the next codec wars.

King Chrome: Microsoft’s browsers sidelined on its own OS (Computerworld)
Hmm… It seems Chrome is popular in enterprises – for anything BUT legacy software that requires IE.

Sachin Kulkarni Describes the Architecture behind Facebook Live (InfoQ)
Facebook Live has a WebRTC component in it – when you engage with viewers asking questions via video.


Tips for iOS & WebRTC Development with TokBox (WebRTC.ventures)
A good beginner’s guide to using TokBox iOS SDK.

The new HTML5 video\audio API has privacy issues on desktop Chrome (Ran Bar-Zik)
An interesting exploit taking advantage of Chrome’s security model around WebRTC permissions.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

TellFree Selects SwitchRTC for Providing Enterprise Video UC & Collaboration Services (Press release)
TellFree working on adding video to its UC offering via SwitchRTC.

Temasys WebRTC Improves Access to Big White Wall LiveTherapy Solution (Press release)
Big White Wall supporting online live therapy sessions via Temasys.

Peloton Closes $325M Series E Financing (Press release)
The live lessons are based on WebRTC.

EF Uses Callstats.io’s WebRTC Monitoring to Keep Customer Satisfaction on a High Level (Callstats.io)
The story of how EF used Callstats.io for monitoring it service.


Introducing Mixer (Mixer)
Beam (Microsoft) rebrands as Mixer and adds some interesting WebRTC-based features. Check it out.

Speech pathologists listen up (Coviu)
Coviu adds interactive stories feature to its platform.

Cammio relaunches live Interviews (Cammio)
Cammio adds live interviews to its recruiting platform.

IceLink Takes Advantage of H.264/AVC and VP8 Support in Edge 40 (FrozenMountain)
IceLink supports Microsoft Edge with both H.264 and VP8.

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