WebRTC Weekly Issue #173 - May 24, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Google Pushing For WebRTC Browser Interoperability in 2017 (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora explains the intent behind Google’s official announcement (see below in Technical)

Firefox 55: Flash Will Become “Ask to Activate” for Everyone (BleepingComputer)
Firefox downgrades Flash to opt-in.

Genband, Sonus to Merge (NoJitter)
Me wonders how this will affect their WebRTC products – especially Kandy. Andy Abramson has an opinion on this one.


Completing WebRTC 1.0 (discuss-webrtc)
Google with an official announcement of what they plan on achieving during 2017.

“Why We Didn’t Use A Framework” (Case Study) (Smashing Magazine)
On the merits of developing web UI from scratch (no framework) in WebRTC apps.

HEVC, VP9 and The Future of Video Codecs (Headjack)
An interesting look at video codecs from the point of view of a VR company.

Google I/O: Kotlin for Android will Simplify User Experience Development (TokBox)
A good overview of where Kotlin fits in with Android. Can be pretty useful if you are developing mobile apps.

WebRTC Tutorial: Simple video chat (Scaledrone)
The obligatory “how to use X as signaling for WebRTC”.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WebRTC Use Case Spotlight: Revolutionize Video Chat for Kids (Temasys)
Would really be nice to see more kids-focused WebRTC services out there.

Verizon Releases Tap-to-Talk SDK for Mobile Apps (MM&T)
Mobile only. SDK. In-app. Uses WebRTC.


Announcing Programmable Video Group Rooms: More Participants, Video Recording, and Pricing for Scale (Twilio)
Twilio goes all in with its video offering. Will be interesting to compare price points versus others.

New Custom Layout Controls for Content Creators (TokBox)
TokBox adds more controls over the layout for archiving and broadcasting.

BigBlueButton HTML5 Client (developer release) (BigBlueButton)
Like every other company out there, BigBlueButton went with React for its new client UI.

VeriShare – Take Snapshots from Customer’s Mobile (VeriShow)
VeriShow enhances its mobile app.

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