WebRTC Weekly Issue #168 - April 19, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC DIY: Watch Out For Hidden WebRTC Costs! (Temasys)
These are definitely the main ones.

Hacking the Logitech C920 & C930e Webcams (Graves on SOHO Technology)
While seemingly unrelated, I am seeing more Logitech-based hardware out there lately that ends up using WebRTC.

Facebook Messenger hits 1.2 billion monthly users, up from 1B in July (TechCrunch)
Impressive. They use WebRTC in Messenger for voice and video calls.


Video chat app with real-time translation (Voximplant)
Voximplant shows how to enable real-time translation in its service.

Building a Snapchat-like app with WebRTC in the browser (TokBox)
Adam Ullman shows how filters can be applied to what you grab from a camera using getUserMedia.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Peer-to-Peer Around the World (Peer5)
Some interesting stats about P2P delivery as seen by Peer5.

Tumblr launches Cabana, a new app for watching videos with friends (TechCrunch)
After Houseparty, we now have Cabana.


A step forward for Wire for Linux (Wire)
Wire’s experiment with Linux is continuing and growing.

Peer5 + Bitmovin: Partners in Streaming (Peer5)
Peer5 adds support to the Bitmovin player.

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