WebRTC Weekly Issue #162 - March 8, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

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Safari browser sheds users, mimicking IE (NetworkWorld)
It would be unfair to say that browsers not supporting WebRTC are suffering a decline in market share, but what if there is some correlation there?

Latency Matters in Online Gaming (Wowza)
Beam (acquired by Microsoft and making use of WebRTC) beats the pack.

Five Common Questions About WebRTC That Developers Are Asking (Temasys)
Good starting point for those who know something about WebRTC but not sure if it is for them.


Real-Time Communications on the Universal Windows Platform with WebRTC and ORTC (Microsoft)
Using the data channel ORTC API with Microsoft’s WebRTC for UWP.

Hacking Slack using postMessage and WebSocket-reconnect to steal your precious token (Detectify)
WebRTC being secure doesn’t mean developers should slack-off… anyway – quick fix from slack on this one.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Eudata lands on Kiosk Market (Eudata)
Eudata adds a Kiosk offering to its contact center tech.

WeKiki is the perfect alternative for anyone missing blab.im (TheNextWeb)
If you’re into something like Blab.im you might want to try this out. Sluggish at the moment in my view.


TokBox Extends Reach of Interactive Broadcast to Millions (TokBox)
OpenTok increases single session capacity to 3,000 interactive participants and adds RTMP support.

Flashphoner Releases WebRTC Encoder for YouTube Live and Other Streaming Services (Press release)
Is it coincidence that this happens only a couple of days after the TokBox announcement on their blog?

Red5 Pro Release 3.0 – WebRTC Scaling (Red5 Pro)
Staying with the live streaming front, Red5 Pro has a new release.

Jitsi Meet now on Android and iOS (Google+)
They’ve been working on that for quite some time. Great seeing it released.

Skype’s Linux app graduates to beta with new features including cross-platform video chats, calls to mobile numbers (VentureBeat)
Skype for Linux is actually improving.

Announcing New Release Of Screenleap With Faster And More Reliable Screen Sharing (Screenleap)
Now more scalable and reliable.

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