WebRTC Weekly Issue #161 - March 1, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky GeekKranky Geek returns to India for a 3 city tour (Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai) starting on Sunday, 19 March. Learn more about this FREE WebRTC event!



Edward Snowden’s New Job: Protecting Reporters From Spies (Wired)
Search for the word “Jitsi”.

Google quietly launches Meet, an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts (TechCrunch)
Check out where Google Hangouts is heading these days.

Twilio paid $8.5 million in cash for assets of Kurento Open Source Project (VentureBeat)
The numbers are in. $8.5 million is in line with Atlassian’s acquisition of Jitsi I am assuming.

It’s Time To Embrace Real-Time Communication and WebRTC (Temasys)
Yes it is.


New Windows into WebRTC with UWP: Q&A with Microsoft’s James Cadd (webrtcHacks)
Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft’s WebRTC for UWP project.

Fiddle-of-the-week: Spec-compliant getStats (Mozilla)
A spec compliant getStat implementation sample for Firefox and Chrome Canary. There’s also one about getUserMedia.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Brave: A Privacy Focused Browser With Built-in Torrent Streaming (TorrentFreak)
Funny. Usually privacy thingamajigs end up disabling WebRTC. Here Brave did a Brave thing by embracing it to increase privacy.

The Biggest Release in Highfive’s History (Highfive)
Highfive now supports WebRTC natively in the browser.

Enabling in-browser communications: A cloud SBC use case (Nokia)
Nokia adds WebRTC support to their IMS SBC.


What’s New in Programmable Video: Rooms API, Better iOS Integration, Improved Rendering, and more (Twilio)
Twilio improves its video offering and introduces an SFU.

Announcing Improved Voice Quality for Plivo SDK based Apps (Plivo)
Plivo now supports Opus in its web SDK, planning on adding it to their mobile SDK next.

SIP.js Update: Video Conferencing & Secure Calling Added (OnSIP)
SIP.js now works with FreeSWITCH properly.

Gruveo Call Recording Is Released (Gruveo)
Gruveo adds call recording to its Pro plan.

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