WebRTC Weekly Issue #160 - February 22, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


What Microsoft Adoption of WebRTC 1.0 APIs Signals (NoJitter)
Just another sign in the road of adoption.

Amazon Chime: Priority or Experiment? (NoJitter)
We never would have thought of a video conferencing service in terms of priority or experiment before WebRTC came into the scene.


PSA: WebRTC M57 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Read carefully the changes here. Also notice the increase in H.264 hardware encoding support.

Chrome’s WebRTC VP9 SVC Layer Cake: Sergio Garcia Murillo & Gustavo Garcia (webrtcHacks)
The current state of SVC in Chrome.

WebRTC. Chrome 57 to set multiplexing policy to require by default (juandebravo)
This one is important to test, especially if you are trying to connect WebRTC to “legacy”.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Another Day, Another Conferencing App (VoIP Watch)
I wonder how all these “services” plan on making money.

Video calls for Signal now in public beta (Open Whisper Systems)
Signal adds video… and migrates all of its RTC to WebRTC.

Eurosport & Streamroot Deliver a Smashing Success at the 2017 Australian Open (Streamroom)
Great to see the P2P space of WebRTC starting to grow.

UK startup PawSquad brings the vet to your door, on demand (TechCrunch)
PawSquad moves from… virtual to on premise?


Circuit now comes with CallKit (Unify)
As the headline says. CallKit seems to be popular these days and for good reasons. It is the first interesting tool in years that Apple introduced to developers before it was available in Android.

You Down With SDP? (Yeah you know me) (Asterisk)
Asterisk introduces in SDP API.

The Gruveo for Slack Integration Is Here (Gruveo)
Another video calling service adds Slack integration.

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