WebRTC Weekly Issue #158 - February 8, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Embedding video into apps streamlines communications (SearchUC)
Dave Michels on embedding video communications.

Logitech releases a $200 webcam that shoots 4K video (TechCrunch)
Now I just need WebRTC to go up to 4K. And someone else with this camera.

WebRTC is standing tall, but does it have legs? Part 1 (Voxbone)
Chad Hart looking at the drawbacks and capabilities of WebRTC.


Evolution of Web Protocols: HTTP/2 and QUIC (Callstats.io)
For me it will be intersting to see if popularity of Websocket will drop due to HTTP/2.

Why WebRTC-based webcam recorders are a terrible idea (Clipchamp blog)
I agree with the technical side of this but not with the analysis and the conclusion.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

The Arrival of Smarter Video Conference-Acrossio (VoipWatch)
Any Abramson on how employing new technologies can change existing long-standing concepts.

2016 WebRTC Industry Mergers & Acquisitions in Review (Blacc Spot Media)
A look at some of the M&As we’ve had in 2016 for WebRTC.

Snapchat reportedly hit 160M daily users and $400M revenue in 2016 (techCrunch)

400M people use Facebook Messenger audio and video calling each month (TechCrunch)
More impressive.

Azar is Chatroulette back from the dead, and it’s going viral under your nose (Mashable)
Yes. This is also based on WebRTC tech.


The WebRTC based SFU, is now out of private Beta. Get it now (SwitchRTC) SPONSORED
Add multi-party video and few-to-many broadcasting to your application.

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