WebRTC Weekly Issue #156 - January 25, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Announcing the WebRTC Metrics Report Series (callstats.io) SPONSORED
callstats.io publishes their first quarterly report of their customer’s behavior. An interesting read.

What’s Up with WebRTC? (Alan Quayle)
Alan Quayle shares his view of the progress made (and not made) with WebRTC so far.

3 Great Ways WebRTC can benefit IT Infrastructure (Ameyo)
Sam Alexander reviews some important aspects of WebRTC for the IT people.

iPhone users can finally send WhatsApp messages offline (Mashable)
Off topic, but I just had to share. Seriously? I thought offline messaging in WhatsApp was basic human rights. Now I see Apple users are… special.


WebRTC, Asterisk and Chrome 57 (Nimble Ape)
Better watch out if you are using WebRTC and Asterisk…

Keep your TURN servers close (Philipp Hancke)
Fippo on why you should deploy TURN servers wherever you can and as close as possible to your users.

Correlating information from Janus event handlers (Meetecho)
Some examples on how to correlate the new event handlers in Janus to what goes on inside Janus.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Ringing in 2017 with updates to our Google Voice apps (Google)
Google Voice is back from the dead. So now we have Messener, Duo, Allo, Hangouts, Voice. Which one should I use to commnicate today?

How Cisco Spark Board Enables Create-and-Do (Cisco Blogs)
Cisco releases a digital whiteboard.


Microsoft rolls out update to its Beam game-streaming platform (TechCrunch)
A startup that gets acquired by a large corp and doesn’t slow down. Impressive.

Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.3 Release Announcement (Intel)
Intel releases its latest version. Now with Edge support.

Avaya Ends Speculation, Files for Bankruptcy Protection (NoJitter)
This is on the sidelines of our usual coverage, but somehow relevant.

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