WebRTC Weekly Issue #154 - January 11, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Google buys Sweden’s Limes Audio to boost Hangouts voice quality (TechCrunch)
One has to wonder will this be a Google proprietary tech or will it make its way into WebRTC.

WebRTC Phone User Experience (Xander Dumaine)
What PureCloud is doing in the phone UX domain (and a few bits and pieces of it found on github).


Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) samples for the Universal Windows Platform (github)
Microsoft places their own WebRTC samples on github, working on UWP. Now we can do a popularity contest across official WebRTC browser samples.

Using DSCP for WebRTC packet marking and prioritization (Real Time Communications Bits)
Gustavo Garcia on the realities of setting up packet prioritization for WebRTC traffic.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Miami startup LiveNinja is acquired by telecom player (Miami Herald)
LiveNinja gets acquired by Net2Phone to be integrated into their new service called PicuP.

Remote Australians connected to healthcare (Coviu)
Coviu announces another win in telehealth.

RIVS Acquires Competitor InterviewStream for Undisclosed Amount (WebRTC Digest)
It seems like job interviewing with WebRTC is a thing as well.

WebRTC Pioneer Temasys Powers vYou’s New Video Interviewing Service (Temasys)
Somebody just said something about video interviews?


Google to Shutter Hangouts API as It Refocuses on the Enterprise (ProgrammableWeb)
In some ways, this makes sense. This is probably a good sign for Google Hangout, but a bad one for those who use its API.

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