WebRTC Weekly Issue #153 - January 4, 2017

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


My Thoughts on 2017 (VoIPWatch)
An interesting look at the near future. Highly recommended.

Windows 10 Gains 14% Desktop Market Share in 2016, Edge Continues to Struggle (Petri)
It is rather sad that Edge still isn’t a thing.


Nothing this week.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage (TechCrunch)
Yes. It is WebRTC. Yes. It runs on iOS. Only. Inside iMessage. And no. They don’t really care if Apple supports WebRTC or not.


QuickBlox iOS WebRTC SDK 2.3 (QuickBlox)
QuickBlox improves and enhances its iOS SDK.

VoIP Push Notifications support for iOS SDK has arrived (VoxImplant)
VoxImplant adds built-in VoIP push support on iOS.

From our own posts

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