WebRTC Weekly Issue #152 - December 28, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Nothing for you this Christmas.


Your best WebRTC debugging buddy? The webrtc-internals API trace (testRTC)
A detailed explanation of what to find and how to read the API trace in webrtc-internals.

WebRTC: the future of web games (Getkey)
The merits of using WebRTC’s data channel for low latency signaling in games. I wonder if that’s just temporary until QUIC kicks in.

When its not a browser update that breaks things… (Philipp Hancke)
Get ready to getstats changes.

Playing with event handlers in Janus: a practical example (Meetecho)
Janus adds (and explains how to use) event handlers.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

HealthKit partners with Coviu to provide video consultation capabilities to 15,000 Australian health practitioners (Press release)
As the title says.


Free 5-Way Video Conferencing in the OnSIP App (OnSIP)
OnSIP adds multiparty video using P2P mesh. I wonder how customers are finding the quality.

Coviu’s updated Mobile User Interface (Coviu)
Coviu comes out with a new UI for mobile.

Callstats.io Integration with JsSIP (Callstats.io)
Callstats continues with its integrations to WebRTC related services and frameworks.

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