WebRTC Weekly Issue #141 - October 12, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

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Google is demoting Hangouts to be replaced by Duo (AndroidGuys)
The end of an era. Hangouts=enterprise; Duo=consumer.

Who needs Interop when you have Web APIs (Voxbone)
Read this one twice to understand the difficulties people have grokking WebRTC (telecom on the web).


Windows 10 build 14942 (Microsoft)
What do you know? An Edge preview with H.264 support and “Ongoing work to add support for WebRTC 1.0”.

Building a Fat WebRTC framework on iOS (Antonis Tsakiridis)
A cookbook for building WebRTC on iOS.

Drilling down to a single WebRTC session (Philipp Hancke)
I’d call it “never trust a standard”.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Enterprise messaging app Symphony adds voice, video and key app integrations (TechCrunch)
Shocking. Who would have thought an enterprise messaging app would add voice, video and integration points?

Vividoctor leverages Apizee WebRTC cloud-based API for its remote consultation service (Apizee)
Anyone said healthcare and WebRTC?

Oculus shows off Facebook Messenger video calls in virtual reality (TechCrunch)
WebRTC in VR?

Facebook launches Workplace – its attempt at a ‘Slack for Enterprises’ (TheNextWeb)
Will it penetrate the enterprise? Will it pull customers from Slack? Will it increase the pie? Will it fail?

Built with WebRTC: Wix (Blacc Spot Media)
How Wix makes use of WebRTC.


JWT – The New Authentication Scheme for OpenTok REST Endpoints (TokBox)
OpenTok migrates to JWT authentication.

What’s New in Skype 1.10 for Linux Alpha (Skype)
Just tried Skype on my Ubuntu. Still #fail for me.

HipChat Server: group video chat & screen sharing now in beta (HipChat)
HipChat’s Jitsi integration now in beta.

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