WebRTC Weekly Issue #14 - May 7, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com

Before we begin: We’re planning an event. End of June (right after Google I/O). In San Francisco. Some preliminary details about our Geek & Kranky Show


The Biggest Barrier to WebRTC Adoption is Lack of Awareness! (ukwebfocus.wordpress.com)
I guess that’s the main reason why me and Chris are doing our own event – to spread the word about WebRTC around.

How Personal Can an SBC Get with You? (blog.audiocodes.com)
In a world where meta-data and context are everything, it is no wonder that SBCs can make use of that information as well.

The Yet Unrealized Promise of WebRTC (hightech-highway.com)
Another interesting read about perceptions and the gaps in WebRTC.


WebRTC Tips & Tricks (muaz-khan.blogspot.com)
A treasure trove of… tips and tricks. Everything you wanted to know but were to shy to ask.

Building a VoIP Service using WebRTC (corporate.tuenti.com)
This is an interesting read on what Tuenti has done in launching their service. Makes for an interesting read on their challenges and decisions along the way.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Comcast Brings Advanced Communications, More Personal Media to the TV (corporate.comcast.com)
This is huge. A service provider (even if “only” cable), uses WebRTC and not for the obvious voice/video call: for streaming from/to its Xfinity set top boxes similar to Chromecast.

Cosign: Our Multisignature Wallet In Development (bitcore.io)
Signing on Bitcoins can now use WebRTC’s data channel…

Jitsi Meet now Officially part of IETF tools (jitsi.org)
Quite a win for Jitsi. I’ve been noticing their new Videobridge being adopted by numerous vendors already.

Snapchat made a secret acquisition to power its new video chat (theverge.com)
AddLive got acquired by Snapchat. A great win for a great company.

Real World WebRTC: MUUYU Beta (cio2cmo.com)
An AddLive customer, who is probably thinking about the future just now.


OpenTok.js Change (tokbox.com)
TokBox has gotten to the point of polishing up its service by taking care of the small details. This is one such example.

VoxImplant Android SDK is now available for mobile app developers (voximplant.com)
VoxImplant introduces its Android SDK, which now complements its iOS one.

Vidyo Awarded Over 50 Patents for Technology Innovation in Affordable, Scalable, HD Video Conferencing (marketwatch.com)
FUD anyone?

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