WebRTC Weekly Issue #139 - September 28, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Beyond VoLTE? A new world of programmable voice apps (Nokia)
#speechless in so many ways about this one.

WebRTC Faces the Future with Janus Server from Meetecho (Veeting Rooms)
The use of Janus to bridge legacy with WebRTC.

WebRTC Shines Silently as Collaboration, CRM and IoT Join Hands (The New Dial Tone)
Summary: WebRTC is an enabler.


Catching TURN bugs with monitoring (Philipp Hancke)
On NAT traversal bugs in browsers and how to find them through data.

Executing a WebRTC test that scales (testRTC)
How to plan your next scale test for your WebRTC service.

WebRTC Architecture courseBuilding a WebRTC app? Enroll in this 20 hour course on WebRTC Architectures created by Tsahi Levent-Levi to help you accelerate your application development.


Use Cases and Customer Wins

This Company Has the Perfect Cure for Streaming Video (Digital Trends)
Peer5 selected by Dailymotion for their WebRTC based peer assisted delivery. More details here.

CoolDoctors Leverages Kandy’s Cloud Communications Platform for Telemedicine Applications for Eye Care Professionals (Press release)
Kanky does eye care for CoolDoctors.

Digital Noema Telehealth Chooses Temasys’ Embedded Real-Time Communications for First-of-a-Kind Telemedicine Solution (Press release)
Temasys does telemedicine for DN Telehealth.


Voximplant Web SDK 4.0 Features Microsoft Edge Audio Calls Support (VoxImplant)
VoxImplant continues improving its platform with better WebRTC support and coverage.

New Release: OpenTok iOS & Android 2.9 (TokBox)
Automatic reconnect & Scalable video coming to OpenTok.

The online doctor’s office just got renovated – faster, simpler, and more reliable telepsychiatry (1DocWay)
I guess we’ve got another first-of-a-kind telemedicince solution this week.

Upwork Messages Gets New Communication and Productivity Features (Upwork)
Upwork adds screen sharing to their video chat feature.

Veeting Rooms Features New Options (Veeting Rooms)
Veeting adds classroom and boardroom type of scenarios into their service.

Goodbye Perch (Perch)
Perch shutting down their WebRTC-based service.

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