WebRTC Weekly Issue #138 - September 21, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Mozilla Discontinue Support for Firefox Hello [Interview] (InfoQ)
An intersting interview with Nick Nguyen, VP of Firefox. The interesting thing is that no real reason for initiating Hello was really given.

CallKit is a New Nightmare for Operators (The New Dial Tone)
Amir explains what the new CallKit in iOS 10 is all about.


What happens when WebRTC shifts to TURN over TCP (testRTC)
An analysis of the network behavior that TURN over TCP has on WebRTC sessions.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Welcome Kurento WebRTC team to Twilio (Twilio)
This makes for an interesting acquisition. Speaking of acquisitions:

Google acquires API.AI, a company helping developers build bots that aren’t awful to talk to (TechCrunch)
Yes. api.ai were also making use of WebRTC, even if marginal.

Vonage Launches Next-Generation Nexmo Voice API (ProgrammableWeb)
Vonage’s Nexmo adds WebRTC support to its communication APIs.

Riot wants to be like Slack, but with the flexibility of an underlying open source platform (TechCrunch)
Vector changes name to Riot and gets a mention in TechCrunch. The Matrix team always surprises me.

Funnier Filter Future 🎊 (appear.in)
The interesting part here is the use of a third party extension (zombocam) on top of any browser based WebRTC service to fool around. Better than replacing a driver camera (the technique of old).

Coderoulette is Chatroulette for developers without any of the guilt (TheNextWeb)
Let’s call it an interesting experiment with a rather polished onboarding experience.

Aircall raised $8 million for its cloud phone system for teams (TechCrunch)
Team voice communications still an open problem.


The WebRTC browser lifecycle (Philipp Hancke)
Fippo this time takes a look at the browsers release cycle of new versions and how these in turn needs to be addressed by developers.

Introducing the New Nexmo Voice API (Nexmo)
Nexmo adds WebRTC support through a new Voice API.

Announcing Voice Insights for WebRTC (Twilio)
Twilio adds voice insights capabilities to its platform making it easier for customers to understand voice quality.

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