WebRTC Weekly Issue #134 - August 24, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Flash Is Dying In December: Long Live HTML5 Video Player (Peer5)
A good overview on what HTML5 players are doing to help in the great migration from the dying Flash tech.


Less jitter and delay in Chrome 52 (Philipp Hancke)
This time, fippo is data nerding around jitter buffers in WebRTC, and how they improve with time.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

INTEL and SKT: an asian tale of IoT and #webRTC (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Alex weighs in on the recent announcement by Intel and SKT about a partnership with a focus on IoT and WebRTC.

Bringing cryptocurrency to a wider audience via the browser + WebRTC (Steemit)
Someone had the idea of connecting Bitcoin with WebRTC. Probably not the killer app we were all waiting for, but shows how versatile WebRTC is.

Google Duo will soon support audio-only calls (TheNextWeb)
Feature creep? So soon?


Group video chat & screen sharing arrive in HipChat (HipChat)
Took time, but it is now here – HipChat integrated the Jitsi Videobridge technology that they acquired.

Announcing WebRTC Beta for Red5 Pro (Red5 Pro)
Red5 Pro adds WebRTC support to their streaming platform.

Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.2 Release Announcement (Intel Developer Zone)
Focus of this release is the MCU flexibility.

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